Friday 18 January 2019

Fight for the Triple Crown

There are so many sports genre in the world that keeps people so hyped up every single day and one of them is horse racing. 

When you say horse racing, we are talking about millions here. Why millions? Because in horse racing, betting on the horses has become legal and a leisure sport of horse owners and derby fanatics. Gambling as bad as it sounds is illegal in so many ways. However, some race tracks allow this in many countries with proper procedures and controlled roll out. 

One of them is Churchill Downs where they have Kentucky Derby-- the run for the roses or sometimes called the fastest two minutes in sports. Churchill is located in Louisiana where they can host up to a 170,000 crowd for the first leg of The Triple Crown. They have been doing this race for centuries now. 

Kentucky Derby was first run at 1 and half a mile same as the derby at Epsom but was changed in 1896 with a run for 1 and a quarter mile or technically said as ten furlongs. Let's not forget that the runners for this derby are 3-year-old thoroughbred and well-trained horses. These are the young ones who would race their way to winning the three races to reign for the Triple Crown series. 

Onwards to the second leg, where winners from the Kentucky derby keep up their lead on Preakness Stakes or so they called The race of black-eyed Susans. Although this is not the race where everyone is up in their feet unlike in the mile-and-a-half mile run at Belmont, what caught up the hase in Maryland is the duction of race length condition to 9 and a half furlongs. This is one of a hell stamina test that can finally clear out on the odds on to who runs the fastest in shorter tracks from the youngsters. 

The make it or break it and final stage for the crown at Belmont will be the real witness of who has got the speed in the field of horse racing. This is where the odds got clearer and where everyone would wish they have placed their bet to the right horse on the line. 

So if you are a bettor or a new player, this is where you can make use of your cash up and on the string with the others. If you are a player who has been in this field for many years, you know how things work when it comes to the fight for the Triple Crown. 

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