Monday, 13 August 2018

Racing Investment Fund Phoenix Thoroughbreds to Excel With Karl Burke

Advertise owned by Phoenix Thoroughbreds & trained by Martyn MeadeAs they say, money talks. Exciting times for prestigious racing investment fund Phoenix Thoroughbreds Limited

Race fans have seen a number of their exciting race horses in the last couple of years including Jeremy Noseda's Gronkowski, who went close to landing a big pot when runner-up in the Belmont Stakes  Grade 1 back in June. 

Recent purchase, Advertise, trained by Martyn Meade, formerly in the ownership of Manton Estate Racing, proved a wise acquisition when taking the Phoenix Stakes (Group 1) on Sunday in a small field populated by Aiden O'Brien. He beat So Perfect by half a length. Advertise has proven to be a great investment for his original owners who paid just £60,000 at Goffs UK Premier Yearling Sale 2017. He is earmarked for the Dewhurst Stake (Group 1) at Newmarket later this year. 

Formed in 2017, Phoenix Thoroughbred Racing has invested more than $25 million while establishing stables in United States, Australia, Europe & United Arab Emirates. The investment fund was founded by Dubai-based businessman and racing fan Amer Abdulaziz. 

In the UK we are beginning to witness the influence of this powerful owner but in the United States a number of exceptional talents have hit the headlines including the Bob Baffert-trained Dream Tree, who won at Grade 1. 

This season, Karl Burke, among other trainers, has received a number of potentially smart two-year-olds. Mistress Of Love makes her debut today (1:35 Ayr) in the British Stallions EBF Fillies' Novice Stakes (Plus 10) (Class 4) (2yo) over 7f (50y) on good going. This daughter of Scat Daddy cost $1000,000 when purchased at the Keeneland 2017 September Yearling Sale by Kerri Radcliffe Bloodstock. The mare, Beloved, raced three times but her offspring fetch good money at the sales. A couple sired by Tapit (USA) have sales tags of ($420,000 & $500,000). Mistress Of Love has an entry for the Debutante Stakes (Group 2) in the Curragh (26th August). She is priced 1/2f to taste success today at Ayr. 

Note: Disappointed in 5th place. 

Interesting to note that Burke has another two-year-old in the same ownership called Kadar who cost 700,000 euros at the breeze-up sales. He was entered to run at the weekend but withdrawn with a vet's certificate. This son of Scat Daddy is highly regarded and holds a few lofty entries including the Futurity Stakes (Group 2) at the Curragh, Champagne Stakes (Group 2) & National Stakes (Group 1). By all accounts a smart colt who should go well on debut. 

Advertise Wins The Phoenix Stakes  (Group 1)

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Sunday, 12 August 2018

It's Not Easy Being A Trainer

Bryan Smart
It isn't just racing tipsters who receive online abuse - but trainers, too. I noticed a few weeks ago Bryan Smart mentioned on his Facebook page that he had received negative comments when a favourite had been beaten. 

Well, the abuse has continued. 

Smart said:  ''To those people who think that it's ok to post negative/threatening comments as soon as one of my horses gets beat - usually when it has been favourite - please consider your actions carefully in future. I don't run my horses to get beat on purpose, they are there to run as well as they can but they are living, breathing animals, young athletes not machines and anything can happen during a race. No-one forces you to back our horses you make that decision yourself. Don't back my horses if you think that I am such a 'shit trainer' and my jockey is 'shit' too. Your other comments are disgusting and I may decide to copy and paste them on here so that the rest of the world can see how sick you are.

Armageddon is currently being examined by the racecourse vet at Mussleburgh. She is distressed and not herself. I will make sure that she is well enough to travel before she sets off for home and she will have further post race tests tomorrow. The police are in possession of the hate mail and threats that have already been sent to me and my family and will be able to trace you whoever you are. My advice to you would be to follow a different trainer so that you can waste more money backing horses that may not win. Funnily enough I didn't receive any hate mail or threats at all when my horses were all winning a few weeks ago!!''

Chin up, Bryan. The majority of people are normal. 

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Neville Bycroft Could Have Trained Godolphin Winner!

What Could Have Been...
One of the reasons why people love horse racing is that you get a mix of horse trainers, abilities and success. 

Very few trainers find themselves at the top of the tree without success. Even a wealth of money doesn't guarantee they will be flavour of the month - for long. 

I remember Olly Stevens made a positive impression when starting his training career in 2013. I followed a number of his two-year-olds who set a fair standard.  A few winning on debut, while one or two - if memory calls - raced at pattern class. 

I also remember, the stark realisation of being that unless he remained successful in the next couple of years the finance would vanish along with his dreams. Sadly, in 2015, the end came and the opportunity to achieve more was taken away. Money rules, as harsh as it seems. 

I must admit I have a love for the under dog. Smaller trainers hoping to find that wonder horse which hits the headline and they gain the chance to impress new owners. It can happen. 

Remember Pam Sly and her exceptional filly Specioas. To win the 1000 Guineas. Such a dream fulfilled. Speciosa strikes major blow for ''little people''

Julia Feilden must have felt the same when Spirit Of Sharjah won easily on debut at Newmarket before being placed in the Norfolk Stakes back in 2005. 

Sadly, those successes really didn't change the status of the stable's quality of horse or string. It must make these professional handlers wonder what they have to do to justify their talents. 

It is funny but I always had this ''crazy'' idea of a powerful owner such as Godolphin giving a million pound two-year-old to a small trainer. Just imagine back in the day if Neville Bycroft had been given a beautifully-bred horse. Yes, it may seem a crazy idea when they have their own trainers. But think of the story in helping promote horse racing. A story that would hit the headlines. So many trainers prove they can train as well as anyone else. They can, and do, prove more resolve that many established trainers. A passion that keeps them going on cold, winter days. Where would racing be without such hope, dreams and love for every success. 

I remember seeing one small trainer overjoyed with a success but disappointed that the Racing Post didn't give no more than a passing mention. It must be crushing in ways. So when you see a small trainer win a race sing their praises. 

You never know who is listening!

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Friday, 10 August 2018

Horse Racing Tipster X-Rated Abuse

Oh the joy of being a horse racing tipster. 

The saying: ''You're damned if you do and damned if you don't'' comes to mind. We run a lot of sports/gambling websites. Basically, all are free. That doesn't mean the standards are not high. In fact, many detailed information that you cannot be found elsewhere and I can tell you take hundreds of hours to update throughout the year. Imagine doing that for little credit and the odd tirade. 

Thankfully, most people who read the websites, follow the tips or favour the insight are decent, balanced, logical people. Yeah, I know they are a dying breed in a world that seems to be full of people who have little gratitude for anything much. To be honest, I don't ever worry about such people who make comments on my information. However, it is sad to read an abusive anonymous email. At least put your name to paper if you have a comment to make. 

I had one person tar me with the brush of trying to take money off people for racing tips when they were actually free! I actually, counted to ten and replied in a human form with reason and respect. The ''person'' did come round in the end but what possesses someone to rant and rave when they can't even get the facts right. It doesn't say much when the whole point of their argument is built upon sand. 

In truth, I should have come out with sentences full of f's and c's and questioned their sanity. I'm sure if they had forwarded a letter it would have been written in green ink

The other day one of our contributors received a foulmouthed outburst because the analysis sways this ''person'' to miss a winner! So much for your own judgment. If you have an opinion take f *****g responsibly for it and be a man. Another one from Mr Anonymous. Go and do Dear John...

The strange point is that our tipster gave two out of three winners that day. 

In many respects giving tips or information is a waste of time. You are far better off just pleasing yourself and following your own info and smile when you have a winning day. 

After working a few decades in my specialism of two-year-old horse racing I don't care what anyone thinks...especially if they imagine they know better. I've never met anyone who knows more than me about two-year-old racing. If the few talents want to come along I would love to chat. Why? Because you find that people with ability are actually logical, sensible and wise people who can put a sentence together. 

I laugh when I meet idiots because their vengeance to irritate long term will do them much more harm than it could ever do me. Keep talking...your last sentence is getting closer. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Winner Takes All Horse Racing Tipping Competition

Do you fancy yourself as a horse racing tipster?

After being in the racing game for a few decades, I know there are many good judges and make your betting pay. We, this post is worthy of your time. It could well put money in your pocket! I thought that would catch your attention. 

We run a monthly tipping competition where you pick one horse every Saturday for the month. Take your mythical 2 points and you can go for a straight win or 1 point each-way. 

The rules are very simple:

Take a look at this video which explains it in 1 minute. 

The competition has been running for a number of years. We have paid out several thousands of pounds. Individual players have won getting on for £500. It costs just £10 to enter. Winner takes all! The more players to get the better. Why? Because imagine if we have 30 players every month. 

You could win £300. 

The maximum number of players we allow is 40 so get your place. You need one win annually to cover your costs. 

Not only can you win good money, it is great fun. Players have been coming back for years. We haven't really promoted the competition but it's time Bloody Good Winner hit the headlines. If you know someone who would like to play then share this post with them. 

Take a look at the prize money of regular players:

Winter £460
Eric Winner £300
Longbow £430
HCE £120
Dan The Man £240
Betmanmike £340
Rawnsley £445
Jodonovan £300
Shukman £360
Mark J £200
Mixerman £210

Over £3000 given in prize money. 

For more information about playing contact 

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Why Did Sir Mark Prescott Stop Smoking Cigars?

Sir Mark Prescott with Cuban cigar
Famous people who smoke cigars?

I don't suppose they come any more well known than Sir Winston Churchill. He started smoking cigars around 1895, in his early 20s. This was the time he garrisoned in Havana, Cuba. He was there to observe and write about the conflict for the Daily Graphic newspaper. 

As it happened, Sir Winston enjoyed a variety of cigars. He was said to smoke 10 cigars a day. Approximately 250,000 in a lifetime! 

However, he was fond of large maduro cigars. Strangely, he was observed never to smoke more than halfway down.  

So what about another Sir... 

Sir Mark Prescott. 

He is actually a Baronet, which he inherited from his father. Educated at Harrow. He gained his trainers licence in 1970. Heath House Stables, in Newmarket, is a hugely respected trainer. Major winners include: The Nunthorpe Stakes: Marsha (2017), Pivotal (1996). 

Prescott's interests include: Hare coursing, cock fighting and bull fighting. 

And cigars...

Personally, I don't know why he gave up smoking. I guess it was health issues. 


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A Smoking Woman

Friday, 3 August 2018

Eric Winner Hits A Big Winner

Eric Winner Racing Tips
Readers may have heard of Eric Winner Racing Tips. His popular website has been running for a number of years and he has often been the talk of gambling forums. Why? Well, unlike most tipsters he isn't a favourite backer. I personally find he is better at picking big priced winners than favourites. Strange but true. He has tipped a 100/1 winner. Numerous 33/1 shots. A bucket full of 25/1 winners. No wonder they call him Eric Winner. 

He is a great talent. Also, his tips are free. 

Yesterday, he gave a couple of tips. The first, Blackheath, disappointed in 8th. Not so good. However, two hours later, wham bam thank you, Mr Winner: Look Surprised won at 6/1. His analysis details second, third, four tips in the race. Guess what? He only gave the F/C paying £48.53 and Trifecta £291. 24. 

See the result here

You know, it's a great deal. Eric Winner used to charge £20 a month for his tips. Not anymore, he gives them for free. 

Like most tipsters they have their ups and downs. Eric does seem to have most success on the all-weather so take a look at his tips for a month and see if they are for you. He is as dedicated as they come. 

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Time to Keep your Betting Under Control

Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT) have been a hot topic of conversation with fears for backers and layers alike. The consequences to individuals and the betting industry leading to the Gambling Commission reporting their findings for change. 

Interesting to consider the problem with gambling isn't just about money but time. As Luca Cumani once said: ''You only worry about time when you are in jail.'' 

So what is the problem with time? It is that gambling is now available 24 hours a day. 

''Time multiplied by continuous staking is an equation that can result in a speedy loss of financial resources.''

This is one reason why the Gambling Commission report on FOBT didn't simply concentrate on the maximum bet but setting time limits. This may be a better approach. 

Bookmakers are keep on loyalty scheme cards which will help punters track their betting and make an informed choice whether to carry on. In addition, it would help bookmakers identify problem gamblers. 

It is an interesting point for all gamblers - whether they consider they have a problem or not - to review how they gamble and the consequences of their actions. It gives an opportunity to assess. 

Many online bookmakers now offer the option to set time limits and alarm calls. Whether gamblers will doing this is perhaps a different matter. I would like to know the percentage of players who even use this facility. My guess is that very few do. 

There is little doubt that playing slot (which are known to be one of the most addictive forms of gambling) that a reminder can be used to appear on screen as a ''reality check''. A moment to consider. 

All these aspects of gambling bring focus of self-discipline which is something lacking for the majority of gamblers. Racing Post's betting editor said:  “the more time you have to study horseracing the more likely it is you will have all bases covered when it comes to striking a bet”, he emphasised “my policy is to find the highest-class race of the day with eight or more runners and move on to the next best if I can’t find a bet”. 

He continued: '' “I know most people don’t have that luxury, so the suggestion is to limit how many races you intend to bet on.”

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Goodwood: BHA says Violence 'casts sport in poor light'

Brainless Morons Fight at Goodwood
Fighting talk!

Some people confuse going horse racing with a boxing match. 

Four punters were seriously injured at Goodwood on Saturday when a max brawl broke out involving 50 people in ''multiple altercations''. 

The British Horse Racing Authority said: ''It casts the sport in a poor light''. It most certainly does. Drink-fueled absurdity on a grand scale. 

The BHA and Racecourse Association (RCA) are reviewing the situation while Sussex police are asking for witnesses as part of their investigation. 

All who were injured have been released from hospital. 

"Crowd control, security and alcohol policies are currently the responsibility of the racecourse and their representative body, the Racecourse Association," added the BHA.

"However, the BHA has a duty to take into account all relevant facts and matters when issuing licences. It is our intention to ensure that crowd control and behaviour are considered as part of this review." 

The BHA said it is writing to Goodwood for its assessment of the incident and "what steps they will take as a result." 

It will also contact the RCA "for their views on issues regarding racegoer behaviour more generally".

RCA chief executive Stephen Atkin added: "It is an unwelcome spotlight on the sport, but does not undermine customer feedback that racing is one of the safest sports to visit. 

"It is not a frequent problem, when you have a popular sport and attract large crowds, you do need to be aware of the risk of some unacceptable behaviour from time to time. 

"We will look at the events and whether things could have been done better." 

The RCA already work with racecourses to promote responsible drinking and measures have already been introduced to counter drug use.

Watch this video from Talk Sport as Alan Brazil and Jim White battle about the brawl. 

Saturday, 5 May 2018

A Nation of Gamblers

So you love to gamble. 

I bet I love to gamble more than you. I guess we all know someone who doesn't just bet - they bet! Probably more casino gamblers bet big. It's just an inkling. I have been to the Grosvenor Casino at Yarmouth and a few of the regulars don't hold back. One bloke, Graham, doesn't seem stressed by betting a thousand pound a spin on roulette. Makes my 50p (fun bet) look foolishly poor. In truth, it is the only time I bet for fun because I think it builds bad habits. Opening the floodgates starts with an inch or two. But back to betting. Graham must have had a few days where he didn't feel so jubilant going home. He can't be short of a few quid. Either that, or he has borrowed to the hilt. You never know. 

I remember going to the Grosvenor Casino at Luton and there was an Indian man who seemed even more interesting than Graham. I say more interesting as meaning he bet more money. His wife sat at the roulette table drinking tea and not showing much expression to her husbands substantial losses. It was strange as he seemed even more blank-faced than his trouble and strife. He never took less than £50 notes out of his pocket and when those had gone went to the desk and had about 50 tokens worth £500+. We saw him lose £15,000 in a couple of hours. 

He didn't seem in the slightest bit perturbed. 

They say the biggest gambling takes place in Hong Kong. Happy gamblers at Happy Value and a myriad of betting from the sublime to the ridiculous. 

Who do you know who bets big? 

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Your Guide to the Martingale (Betting System)

Is it possible you can use a simple betting system to win money at the casino?

You may have heard of the Martingale Betting System. 

This system originated in France and was popular in the 18th century. In its simplest form it can be seen with a toss of a coin: heads or tails. 

The idea being that the gamblers doubles his bet every time he loses. The first win would see you recover all your previous losses plus with a profit of the original stake. 

For this reason, the Martingale system has been used by players of roulette and betting black or red. 

In theory, this is a guaranteed winner because sooner or later the system will bet on a winning black or red. The trouble is that few gamblers have infinite wealth and also few casino allow you to be over a certain limit. 

For example, look at how quickly your bet increases:

£10, £20, £40, £80, £160, £320, £640, £1280...

In truth, you cannot win because the value remain less than zero with the house edge of zero. 

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Cheltenham Abandoned

Hot Day
From heavy ground for the Grand National to high temperatures at Cheltenham, we Brits love to talk about the weather. 

To be fair for very good reason. However, the fact that a hot day in the sun is enough to abandon the mares' race at Cheltenham may be a sign of things to come. The welfare of horses is of utmost importance and when the temperatures when up to 25 degrees them track vets were asked to make a decision for the sapping 3m 2f chase. 

On the same card, three horses - running over less distances - had suffered heat stress and vets were concerned runners may well be affected. 

After the ending race, Dame Rose collapsed and died, although connections will need a post-mortem   to establish the facts. 

Trainers had mixed viewed about the abandonment of the race. Donald McCain, Charlie Man & Fergal O'Brien were critical. 

Richard Johnston and Dan Skelton suggests it was the quick change in weather which meant horses were not acclimatized. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The First Woman to Ride a Grand National Winner?

The First Woman to Ride a Grand National Winner?
You don't need me to tell you that the Grand National is almost here. Listen hard and you can hear the name Red Rum whispered with joyful praise. That emotive music score from composer Carl Davis. I really should watch the film Champions detailing the heartfelt story of man and horse: Bob Champion and Aldaniti who proved victorious in 1981. 

The Grand National has so many stories. I mean, most of the fences are named after horses who got lucky (Foinavon) or unfortunate jockeys (Captain Becher) who hid in a ditch after his horse fell. This race is built on stories. 

Who could forget Jenny Pitman the first woman to train a National winner in 1983 when Corbiere stormed home. She won again in 1995 with Royal Athlete at 40/1. 

At some point, it has all happened. 

We know one thing that has never happened but it could do if lady luck has anything to do with the result on 14th April. 

Could we see the first woman to ride a Grand National winner?

If the betting is anything to be believed, this year could be the closest we come to a story which many would consider on a par with the three victories of Red Rum.

Baie Des Iles - the flashy grey mare - has been heavily backed in the betting - slashed to 16/1. Katie Walsh is primed for the biggest race of her life at 5:15 Aintree, Saturday 14th April

Walsh came close to winning in 2012 but this time she could make history. 

Few people remember that it took the 1975 Sex Discrimination Act to make it possible for female jockeys to take part. 

The first female jockey to take part being Charlotte Brew in 1977, riding 200/1 outsider Barony Fort. The duo didn't complete the course after her mounted refused to jump the 26th fence. In fact, it took until 1982 for Geraldine Rees to complete the course in 8th riding Cheers a 66/1 shot. Other notable achievements include Carrie Ford finishing fifth in 2005 on 8/1 second favourite Forest Gunner. 

Katy Walsh has come the closest to winning when third on second-favourite Seabass in 2012.   

Baie Des Iles is trained by Ross O'Sullivan. The seven-year-old grey mare most recently finished third when contesting a race at Punchestown (Ireland) on heavy going. Katie Walsh rode the horse as she has on its last eight runs. Support came for this horse after being priced 50/1 last week.     

Only three grey horses have won the Grand National. 
  • The Lamb (1868, 1871)
  • Nicolause Silver (1961)
  • Neptune Collenges (2012) 

Friday, 30 March 2018

4 Veteran Horses That Could Go Well in the 2018 Grand National

Since 2000, 10 Grand National winners have been aged 10 or over – that suggests older horses fare better in Aintree’s extended 4m 2f handicap marathon. 

This supports a broader trend relating to the world’s greatest steeplechase, which is that there’s no substitute for experience. Five of the first 11 past the post last year were also 10-year-olds and over. 

This year’s renewal on Merseyside promises to be as open as ever. Couple that with the above stats, and it begs the question should punters be looking to back older horses? Taking this veterans angle, here are four horses over the age of 10 that could go well in the 2018 Grand National and may be worth an each-way punt. 

Saint Are

With 2017 winner One For Arthur and runner-up Cause Of Causes both ruled out of Aintree this year, that leaves the third horse past the post Saint Are as the best performer from 12  months ago set to go again. Trained by Tom George since the start of the 2014/15 season, this 12-year-old has had seven career starts over the special Aintree course. 

Saint Are has placed in two Grand Nationals – also back in 2015 when he was second behind the late, great Many Clouds. He has also fallen at the first fence and been pulled up in the race too, but races off the same mark as last year and that gives him claims of making the frame yet again at 50/1 with Paddy Power's Grand National latest odds

Gas Line Boy Last year’s Grand National fifth Gas Line Boy also holds an entry in the Topham Chase over those unique spruce fences during the Aintree Festival. If taking up his engagement in the big race once again, then the 12-year-old gets in off an official rating of 4lb higher than 12 months ago. The Ian Williams trained 12-year-old won the Grand Sefton Handicap Chase held over 2m 5f on the National course. That is the same distance as the Topham, but 33/1 Grand National chance Gas Line Boy has already demonstrated he can handle the marathon trip. 


One For Arthur landed the Classic Chase on route to Grand National glory last season, so Warwick successor Milansbar is another thorough stayer to consider. The Neil King trained 11-year-old doesn’t have any Aintree experience but is set to be partnered by popular rising star jockey Bryony Frost in the big one. While prominent racer Milansbar needs a few more horses to drop out to be sure of a run, he should sneak in off a nice racing weight of 10st 5lb. Although only fifth in the Eider Chase at Newcastle after his Warwick win, he was also second in the Midlands Grand National and these displays over 4m plus show no doubt about Milansbar’s Aintree credentials at 33/1.

Winning the Welsh Grand National as a 13-year-old was hugely impressive from Raz De Maree and connections will be hoping it’s third time lucky at Aintree. Trained in Ireland by Gavin Cromwell, he also finished runner-up to subsequent Cheltenham Gold Cup hero Native River at Chepstow during the previous season.
No 13-year-old has won the Grand National in the postwar era, but 40/1 chance Raz De Maree hasn’t finished outside the first two when completing three of his four starts this campaign. He was unlucky when unseating while avoiding a fallen horse at Aintree last year and Raz De Maree was also eighth back in the 2014 running.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Wrong Result Called at Kempton

Kempton photo was wrong
Punters out of pocket as Kempton result is amended in photo-finish farce.

Sometime you win and lose. Others, you lose and win. How can it be possible? Well it can when a photo-finish is called as the result only to be amended afterwards. 

Another down for British racing and punters left feeling they can do little right. 

Even worse when it was an odds-on winner. Friday, 8:45 Kempton. Oregon Gift was incorrectly called the loser in the 1m 4f handicap. However, the result was amended but the original result stands so the odds-on backers lost out while 8/1 shot, Bird For Life, prove a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush for those punters who got lucky. 

The BHA said: '' Clearly the whole team is disappointed to have to correct any race result after the day. It is important that these results are called accurately.
"While it is appropriate that our processes allow us to put this right financially by the owner of the winning horse, we are aware that the betting public are significantly affected by issues such as this owing to the fact that the rules of betting mean that the result called on the day stands for betting purposes. We apologise to everyone affected."