Friday, 14 December 2018

Betting: What's Your Strategy?

Even after betting for decades it is too easy to do the wrong thing. 

It's a lesson to be learned. 

This evening I had my eye on 5:45 Kempton. Well, I say I had my eye on the race but clearly, I wasn't thinking right. I noticed New Queen had run at Listed class so registered in my Richter scale. A wide draw made me think the filly had a mountain to climb. Why on earth I bet who really knows. 

I thought it was a decent opportunity to have a no-lose gamble. Seeing the horse drift to 30 on Betfair, I bet £50 and had the bright idea of laying it at 25. It hovered around that price but wasn't taken. I had a sinking feeling as soon as I bet and even when it was flickering around 25 I felt as though someone was just playing the fool like there was a secret camera focused on my face. Watching every expression. To be honest, I wasn't overly bothered. You just have to realise that a stupid bet is a stupid bet until the bet is taken. The price started to drift. It went to 30 and then just minutes before the off went to 40. 

Not good. 

Annoyed with myself. 

I had given up all hope of the bet being laid before the off. In fact, if the price had gone down a touch I would have laid the bloody bet to a loss. It didn't change a great deal so I had to consider laying the bet to lose £17 or just leave it and hope the 25 was laid in-running. 

I wasn't overly impressed with my decision making from start to finish. Try to achieve a no-lose bet to win £125 had come close to being but not quite. 

I listened to the commentary. Two or three horses to go into the stalls. Those dying seconds saying all kind of words. I decided I would keep the bet and try and lay it in running at 25 for a no-lose bet to win £125.  

I knew the most likely hope of this happening was the horse leading. Being draw in stall 11 didn't fill me with joy. I heard the commentator announce the start of the race. 

I didn't look at the in-running betting. Just waited those few seconds to see if New Queen led. Thankfully, I heard those words. I looked at the betting and noticed half of the stake had been laid. 

I hoped it would be the whole bet to bring a satisfactory conclusion to the miserable affair. New Queen seemed to be vying for the lead if not in front and with a couple of furlongs to go the bet was taken. 

A no-lose bet to win £125. 

Funny how you can go from thinking of losing to winning so quickly. 

The bet was frustrating because I had bet like a fool. A fool in the sense I bet to lay without any real understanding. On a whim. I was thankful the bet had been laid. New Queen was competitive until the final furlong when she tired rapidly and beaten a long way. 

When betting do it for all the right reasons. 

Monday, 3 December 2018

A Step-by-Step Guide To Playing Video Poker For The First Time

Playing Video Poker For The First Time
You must have heard about video poker a lot and so you decided to try your hands on one, but, not sure how and where to start. We will guide you through the whole thing, but first, let’s give you some details about the inception of the video poker. 

Video poker is not a new thing that has hit the gambling world; instead, it has made its presence felt since 1970. Obviously, it was not the same as it is now, but the basic concept of the game has remained intact. 

History of video poker 

In the 1970s, a primitive form of video poker came into existence in the land-based casinos. During that time, the video poker machine was known as ‘Poker-matic’. The journey of Poker-Matic started in the casinos of Las Vegas. Dale Electronics introduced the Poker-Matic for the first time, but Si Redd was the one who tried to promote it. As it was a new concept, therefore, it was not welcomed by the casino executives and let Si Redd have the patent. 

People started taking interest in the game and soon it became a popular game in the casinos along with the slot machines. 

Step by step guide of playing the video poker 

The best thing about video poker is that more or less they all follow the five card poker guidelines. Therefore, it won’t be too hard for you to pick up the game. The only thing that is different between the two is that in the classic poker, you play against an opponent and here in the video poker you will be pitted against a computer or machine. 

Rules of the game 

You will come across five random cards and from there you will have to decide which one you want to keep and which one you want to discard. The action can be completed by tapping on the screen or just by clicking on the card. Now that you have decided upon the card, you will have to hit the draw button to start your game. Once you hit the draw button, a replacement card will be provided for the ones that you have discarded. The combinations through which you win a standard poker game are also applicable in video poker as well. The most interesting part of the video poker is that there will be no restriction on time. You can take your own sweet time here to complete the game. 

Pay Tables

Pay table is the payout list of specific hands. The pay table can be accessed on the machine only and it will also help you in making decisions while playing the game. Among the six columns that are there on the pay table, the left-most column gives you the information about the hands and the other columns are the size of the wager. If you want to know, how many coins have been inserted for starting the game, you can look for the other five columns. This pay table gives a clear picture of the payout associated with the hand matching the number of coins gambled. Depending on the gambled amount the hand either increases or decreases.

Different types of video poker

Deuces, Joker’s Wild, Multi-play Poker, etc. are some of the popular video poker games that you can enjoy depending on your preferences. In ‘Deuces’, the number two card always serves as the wild card and in the Joker’s Wild, the Joker card is the wild card. Utilizing these cards, the players can get several combinations of hand. Jacks or Better is another popular game that you can try your hands on. The Multi-play video poker games include different versions like One Hundred Play, Ten Play, Triple Play, Fifty Play, Five Play, etc. 

Keeping an eye on the pay table

Lots of information can be garnered from the pay table, so it is imperative that you pay attention to the pay table. The best thing about video poker is that here you can actually conclude the payout prior to placing your first bet. It is one of those games where the house edge is the bare minimum. Therefore, if you check the pay table and come up with the perfect strategy, then you can actually emerge winner with complete profit on initial investment. 

Practice hard

It is always better to play demo games before you bet with real money. There are several video poker games online where you can play for free. Once you get a hang of it and is good at strategizing your game, you can bet with real money.

It is always good to have some fun with the cards and when you are winning, it is the best feeling in the world. Always remember to strategize your game perfectly, so that when you start playing video poker, you start with a winning streak.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Winner Takes All Horse Racing Tipping Competition

Do you fancy yourself as a horse racing tipster?

After being in the racing game for a few decades, I know there are many good judges and make your betting pay. Well, this post is worthy of your time. It could put money in your pocket! Never bad news.

We run a monthly tipping competition. It's very easy to play and the rules are simple as they come. Pick one horse every Saturday for the month. Take your mythical 2 points and you can go for a straight win or 1 point each-way. 

The rules are very simple:

Take a look at this video which explains it in 1 minute. 

The competition has been running for a number of years. We have paid out several thousands of pounds. Individual players have won getting on for £500. It costs just £10 to enter. Winner takes all! The more players to get the better. Why? Because imagine if we have 30 players every month. 

You could win £300. 

Visit the website here: Bloody Good Winner

The maximum number of players we allow is 40 so get your place. You need one win annually to cover your costs. 

Not only can you win good money, it is great fun. Players have been coming back for years. We haven't really promoted the competition but it's time Bloody Good Winner hit the headlines. If you know someone who would like to play then share this post with them. 

Take a look at the prize money of regular players:

Winter £460
Eric Winner £300
Longbow £430
HCE £120
Dan The Man £240
Betmanmike £340
Rawnsley £445
Jodonovan £300
Shukman £360
Mark J £200
Mixerman £210

Over £3000 given in prize money. (OVER £4000 NOW!!!!) 

For more information about playing contact 

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Jack Berry House: A Winner

Jack Berry House Charity
When is a house not a house?

When it's a horse!

Sounds strange, hey. House, thing you'll be chatting about red shirts and Mick Easterby. 

If you love your racing and check the racing results, this seemingly cryptic clue of a conversation will, perhaps, make sense. 

Many of you will remember Jack Berry, who back in the day, was a horse trainer noted for his early-season feats of winning two-year-olds. A vast string of juveniles would swarm across the racecourses high and low picking up win after win. His training approach took advantage of the bigger stables who didn't get going until May or June. To be fair, Jack Berry had a few talented horses in his time including Mind Games who contested many Group 1 races but couldn't ever quite get his head in front. Not to say that he didn't achieve great success along the way and concluded his retirement as a stallion at stud. 

Jack Berry has always had a big heart and a passion for everything racing. Like so many successful people he was more interested in others and helped with a charity in his name called Jack Berry House. 

Take a look at their Facebook page here.    

Jack Berry House in Malton, North Yorkshire, was opened in 2015 by the IJF Patron, HRH The Princess Royal. It is a state-of-the-art rehabilitation and fitness centre for northern-based jockeys. Facilities include: 

  • A fully equipped gym for fitness and rehabilitation, and a hydrotherapy pool 
  • Four respite rooms which offer ensuite accommodation and shared communal areas with full wheelchair access throughout 
  • Education on nutrition, fitness and general lifestyle for young and aspiring jockeys designed to help reduce the risks of serious injury

Jack Berry House has made a huge difference to many people's lives. The building was literally built brick by brick from donations and acts of charity. A house blessed by all who founded such a remarkable dwelling.

I couldn't help but smile today as I noticed Mick Easterby had a two-year-old debutante running at Newcastle (6:45) called Jack Berry House. This bay gelding is a son of Harbour Watch and £12,000 yearling purchase. He is owned by G & P Hartley, J Blackburn & Mrs J Lucas (Jack Berry House). I'm not sure of the connection of Mrs Lucas with Jack Berry House but the name says it all. What a great tribute to Jack Berry House and their wonderful staff. 

The horse won at odds of 80/1. It was no fluke as he beat the favourite Drogon, who is a fair juvenile. In fact, this good-looking gelding would have been a very unlucky loser as he had no luck in running. 

Take a look at the race result here

Learn more about Jack Berry House by watching this video

Friday, 28 September 2018

Post Great Yarmouth - Jolly Boys & Girls Outing

Marlene at Great Yarmouth Ladies Day 2018
Well, the jolly boys outing has come and gone. 

My brother booked a caravan on Haven campsite. It's as cheap as chips when booked up early and a place to rest your head from Monday to Friday. I would have stayed there myself but I had my other half with me, who had travelled back with me from West Palm Beach, Florida. We booked three nights at Andover House Hotel down Camperdown Road, not far from the Grosvenor Casino. 

I can't fault the hotel. A neat, presentable room and the staff are friendly. One of the better hotels in Great Yarmouth. I wanted to book the attic room but sadly it was taken. 

There never seems enough time with going to the Eastern Festival at Great Yarmouth horse races. We travelled down by train, changing at Ely and Norwich. Got a taxi from the station to the hotel, arriving about 5pm Tuesday. Missed that day's racing. 

I heard that cousin Paul won £700 at the Grosvenor Casino. I don't think him and Danny won at the races. They both play 3-card poker and Paul hit on a great hand betting £20 on pair plus, and turned over a running flush or something in that order. 

The casino is a beautiful setting compared with some of the modern venues we have visited such as Nottingham and Luton. This listed building used to be frequented by Edward VII, the future king of England, son of Queen Victoria, if you like your history. Obviously, it wasn't a casino in his day but a private house - Shadingfield Lodge. If you want a cheap three-course meal in a regal setting then here's what you do. Take your ticket from the racecourse and you get a free alcoholic drink and free £5 match bet. Considering the three-course meal cost about £13 mid-week, it is a superb night. 

My two brothers, Marlene, Paul, Danny and Sue went to the casino that evening. 

We heard there was a problem with the electrics at the casino and as it had just gone 9pm all the pubs seemed to stop serving food. You wouldn't believe it at a coastal town, but it shows how there is a lack of footfall come mid-September. Marlene and I had to settle for a KFC. It was disgusting. Limp chips, and the bucket of chicken wasn't much better. I can normally eat anything - I did to a point - but it wasn't good at all. 

The casino betting went a little better. Just small bets for me as I am not keen on fixed odds. The only way you can win at the casino is to win early and go home. I think if you are going to be lucky you need it to be with decent odds so I bet a single number and corner [lucky 33]. It came up time after time and I won £90. The roulette is the best of all games to play in UK casinos. The house edge is less than the states without the double zero. 

Marlene watched. 

Paul won, Danny lost and Tony & Gareth won a few bob. Sue sat next to some drunk bloke at the poker table who won and he kept giving he £25 chips. Wisely, she bet with her 50p chips and cashed in the £25s later that evening. 

I went to the races with Tony and Gareth the next day. The ladies stayed at home, resting. I didn't bet. Couldn't see much at all in the two-year-old races, in which I specialise. Tony & Gareth bet on Luca Cumani's 11/1 winner. Tony went for a big win in the next race - betting William Jarvis' Lady Bowthorpe, but she was no competition for the impressive Hidden Message, who is clearly a Group Horse

Went to the casino that evening after a great meal at Pamela's restaurant. If you are going to Great Yarmouth you really need to go there because it is run exceptionally well - a blend of good food, bling and professionalism. They had a rowdy group of blokes, one who had a bizarre-sounding laugh, who seemed arrogant if not laddish. I'm not keen on loud people. I noticed them in the casino later. 

On Thursday, we went to the races and enjoyed ladies day. Always a good crowd. Marlene got in the last ten of the Best Dressed Ladies Competition. Interviewed by Thommo. Marlene's American accent catching the attention of racegoers. As my friend said: ''Let me think, where would I like to go, Great Yarmouth or West Palm Beach?'' Marlene loved the day, so on this occasion, the Norfolk coast got the nod. 

We met a lot of lovely people over the days and Marlene got many compliments.

We travelled back Friday morning, returning to the Fens just after noon. 

A great time had by all.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Jolly Boys Outing at Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth Racecourse
It's funny what comes to mind. 

Watching Only Fools & Horses was a family tradition in our house. So many funny moments that make me smile to this day. I loved the specials including The Jolly Boys Outing. The moment the bus blew up and they had to find somewhere to stay in Margate on a busy bank holiday. 

It reminds me of a few holidays at Great Yarmouth. Our merry pilgrimage in memory of my late father, Colin, and so many relatives who used to enjoy Great Yarmouth's Eastern Festival. The three-day meeting is a must-go every September. It holds so many special memories and I always imagine that somewhere in the bustling crowd my dad awaits. 

As children, we stopped at the caravan park at Caister-on-sea. Even as a child I had gambling in my blood. Playing the slot machines. The sounds, smell and fun of being somewhere we really shouldn't. It led to a life of gambling, which morphed into a business. 

Well, this story goes back a few years and another family holiday.  I went to the casino with my two brothers, Tony & Gareth, and cousins Danny & Paul. They all love a bet. We went to Great Yarmouth horse races and won decent money. 

Whether it's a good or bad news, Yarmouth has a casino, run by Grosvenor, down Marine Parade, a stone's throw from the seafront. The old listed building is a real gem. It has a royal heritage as it used to be a private house frequented by Edward VII, the king of England when his mother Queen Victoria died on the 6th May 1910. It is a beautiful building with majestic stairways, high ceilings, chandeliers and ornate fixtures. If you have never been there it is worth a visit. 

Great Yarmouth casino Better, still, if you go to the races and bring your racing badge, you get a free alcoholic drink and free bet. I know a lot of bookmakers give incentives, which basically, give something for nothing. Not exactly bad news. It sure beats the disappointment of hearing Towcester racecourse has closed down. A familiar scenario to Folkstone a few years back although this time it went into administration.

I witnessed a lady, who clearly had no idea what she was doing, place her free bet on a single number on the roulette table. It came up and she won £10. Not realising she had won, the chips were left on the same number which came in next spin to £350 (£360 considering it was a free bet). You should have seen the look on her face. A day to remember.  

Anyway, we left Dandy and Paul at the casino. It must have been 1am. It had been a decent night and won a small amount of money. We said goodnight and went back to the caravan.

The next day we were at the racecourse and noticed Danny and Paul in the grandstand. As we walked towards them, I could see a smile on Danny's face. I said what time did you get back? By all accounts, they had lost track of time. 

Paul had been losing money hand over fist. They both play 3-card poker. They called for a taxi and played until it arrived. On the very last hand - he turned over a prial. Won about £600 in one hand. 

Just like an episode of Only Fools & Horses. They left the casino. They were met by daylight!

In fact, it was 6am. 

I joked, they should have stayed a little longer and gone straight to the course. 

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Potentially Smart Court Poet Makes Debut for Charlie Appleby

6:15 Chelmsford - 

1m Betsi Golden Mile Novice Stakes (Plus 10 Race) (Class 4) (2yo)

Seven two-year-olds take part on standard going. Interesting to note that Court Poet is held in high regard by Charlie Appleby. Godolphin is no strangers to top-notched horses and this son of Dubawi has been steaming up the gallops. This home-bred bay colt is out of a once-raced mare who was trained by Mahmood Al Zarooni. Court Poet has a prime draw in stall one and over this mile should have ample ability to make himself a winning debut even if showing inexperience. A horse who holds a number of significant entries [as detailed on Group Horse Daily] and could well be racing at pattern class if taking this Class 4 race in his stride.  

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

A Costly Purchase For King Power Racing Co Ltd?

King Power Racing Co Ltd
As Harry Enfield's character used to say: ''Loadsamoney''.

Most people who love their horse racing & football know about King Power Racing Co Ltd. Self-made businessman Vichai Srivaddhanapradha owns Leicester City FC. He purchased the club in 2010. The Thai billionaire runs King Power Duty Free.

Well, readers will probably know he loves his horse racing, which is good news for British racing and trainers alike. He has spent millions of pounds this season and has a number of horses in training with Andrew Balding, Richard Hannon & Ralph Beckett to name a few. He even owns a few Frankel offspring. 

One of his recent purchases is Over The Guns, who is trained by Paul Cole. This bay colt is a son of Garswood and a very cheap yearling purchase at just 15,000 guineas. Paul Cole made the wise investment. You can bet it was a very, very good deal. 

This March foal wasn't fancied on debut at Leicester when starting at odds of 40/1. To be fair, he looked to have literally no chance of winning when a ''country mile'' behind the leaders - but ran on like a train to collar Indian Viceroy, who has won well since. 

Paul Cole sold Over The Guns to King Power Racing Co Ltd for an undisclosed sum. I imagine it was a few hundred thousand. 

Over The Guns had to run under a winning penalty, which is no easy task. He finished fourth beaten two-and-a-quarter lengths behind Silkstone, trained by Pam Sly. 

Connections must have been disappointed by the 6/5f. However, he is likely to improve for stepping up in distance and perhaps on better going.

God bless. 

Friday, 17 August 2018

1:30 Nottingham Racing Tips (17th August)

Qutob horse racing
6f (6f18y) For Free Nottingham Tips EBF Maiden Stakes (Class 5) (2yo)

Eleven two-year-olds take part on good to soft going. 

One horse with a big reputation is Charlie Hills' Qutob. This bay colt is a son of Acclamation. A pretty expensive purchase at £160,000 for Hamdan Al Maktoum. This March foal was a warm favourite over course and distance. He had a stiff rival in James Street. Punters thought Qutob had victory in the bag, but a combination of Qutob wandering off a straight line and a determined challenge from Hugo Palmer's James Street saw a short-head defeat. Both horses hold a host of Group entries, so it was a very satisfactory debut although all who bet must have felt frustrated. From a statistical point of view, this horse has strong clues. 

I'm interested to see how Mick Channon's Converter goes. The betting suggests this son of Swiss Spirit needs the run or not expected. However, he is well regarded by owner Abdullateef Al Zeer. This breeze-up purchase cost 52,000 guineas. If backed, there could be some hope although very few of Channon's debutantes win when priced over 8/1. He may well be backed into that price guide. 

Other horses of interest include Camber who finished a respectable fourth on racecourse bow. Debutantes Make A Wish & With Envy both hail from trainers who can win at the first time of asking. 

Conclusion: In truth, Qutob looks a very tough horse to beat. He is akin to a winner without a penalty. Group Horse details this colt as one of the best in Hills' stable. The debutantes will need to be primed and talents to lower the colours of the jolly although a few are considered fair types. Converter is best judged by the betting. Best watched if weak in the market. I can see this going the way of Qutob.
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Monday, 13 August 2018

Racing Investment Fund Phoenix Thoroughbreds to Excel With Karl Burke

Advertise owned by Phoenix Thoroughbreds & trained by Martyn MeadeAs they say, money talks. Exciting times for prestigious racing investment fund Phoenix Thoroughbreds Limited

Race fans have seen a number of their exciting race horses in the last couple of years including Jeremy Noseda's Gronkowski, who went close to landing a big pot when runner-up in the Belmont Stakes  Grade 1 back in June. 

Recent purchase, Advertise, trained by Martyn Meade, formerly in the ownership of Manton Estate Racing, proved a wise acquisition when taking the Phoenix Stakes (Group 1) on Sunday in a small field populated by Aiden O'Brien. He beat So Perfect by half a length. Advertise has proven to be a great investment for his original owners who paid just £60,000 at Goffs UK Premier Yearling Sale 2017. He is earmarked for the Dewhurst Stake (Group 1) at Newmarket later this year. 

Formed in 2017, Phoenix Thoroughbred Racing has invested more than $25 million while establishing stables in United States, Australia, Europe & United Arab Emirates. The investment fund was founded by Dubai-based businessman and racing fan Amer Abdulaziz. 

In the UK we are beginning to witness the influence of this powerful owner but in the United States a number of exceptional talents have hit the headlines including the Bob Baffert-trained Dream Tree, who won at Grade 1. 

This season, Karl Burke, among other trainers, has received a number of potentially smart two-year-olds. Mistress Of Love makes her debut today (1:35 Ayr) in the British Stallions EBF Fillies' Novice Stakes (Plus 10) (Class 4) (2yo) over 7f (50y) on good going. This daughter of Scat Daddy cost $1000,000 when purchased at the Keeneland 2017 September Yearling Sale by Kerri Radcliffe Bloodstock. The mare, Beloved, raced three times but her offspring fetch good money at the sales. A couple sired by Tapit (USA) have sales tags of ($420,000 & $500,000). Mistress Of Love has an entry for the Debutante Stakes (Group 2) in the Curragh (26th August). She is priced 1/2f to taste success today at Ayr. 

Note: Disappointed in 5th place. 

Interesting to note that Burke has another two-year-old in the same ownership called Kadar who cost 700,000 euros at the breeze-up sales. He was entered to run at the weekend but withdrawn with a vet's certificate. This son of Scat Daddy is highly regarded and holds a few lofty entries including the Futurity Stakes (Group 2) at the Curragh, Champagne Stakes (Group 2) & National Stakes (Group 1). By all accounts a smart colt who should go well on debut. 

Advertise Wins The Phoenix Stakes  (Group 1)

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Sunday, 12 August 2018

It's Not Easy Being A Trainer

Bryan Smart
It isn't just racing tipsters who receive online abuse - but trainers, too. I noticed a few weeks ago Bryan Smart mentioned on his Facebook page that he had received negative comments when a favourite had been beaten. 

Well, the abuse has continued. 

Smart said:  ''To those people who think that it's ok to post negative/threatening comments as soon as one of my horses gets beat - usually when it has been favourite - please consider your actions carefully in future. I don't run my horses to get beat on purpose, they are there to run as well as they can but they are living, breathing animals, young athletes not machines and anything can happen during a race. No-one forces you to back our horses you make that decision yourself. Don't back my horses if you think that I am such a 'shit trainer' and my jockey is 'shit' too. Your other comments are disgusting and I may decide to copy and paste them on here so that the rest of the world can see how sick you are.

Armageddon is currently being examined by the racecourse vet at Mussleburgh. She is distressed and not herself. I will make sure that she is well enough to travel before she sets off for home and she will have further post race tests tomorrow. The police are in possession of the hate mail and threats that have already been sent to me and my family and will be able to trace you whoever you are. My advice to you would be to follow a different trainer so that you can waste more money backing horses that may not win. Funnily enough I didn't receive any hate mail or threats at all when my horses were all winning a few weeks ago!!''

Chin up, Bryan. The majority of people are normal. 

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Neville Bycroft Could Have Trained Godolphin Winner!

What Could Have Been...
One of the reasons why people love horse racing is that you get a mix of horse trainers, abilities and success. 

Very few trainers find themselves at the top of the tree without success. Even a wealth of money doesn't guarantee they will be flavour of the month - for long. 

I remember Olly Stevens made a positive impression when starting his training career in 2013. I followed a number of his two-year-olds who set a fair standard.  A few winning on debut, while one or two - if memory calls - raced at pattern class. 

I also remember, the stark realisation of being that unless he remained successful in the next couple of years the finance would vanish along with his dreams. Sadly, in 2015, the end came and the opportunity to achieve more was taken away. Money rules, as harsh as it seems. 

I must admit I have a love for the under dog. Smaller trainers hoping to find that wonder horse which hits the headline and they gain the chance to impress new owners. It can happen. 

Remember Pam Sly and her exceptional filly Specioas. To win the 1000 Guineas. Such a dream fulfilled. Speciosa strikes major blow for ''little people''

Julia Feilden must have felt the same when Spirit Of Sharjah won easily on debut at Newmarket before being placed in the Norfolk Stakes back in 2005. 

Sadly, those successes really didn't change the status of the stable's quality of horse or string. It must make these professional handlers wonder what they have to do to justify their talents. 

It is funny but I always had this ''crazy'' idea of a powerful owner such as Godolphin giving a million pound two-year-old to a small trainer. Just imagine back in the day if Neville Bycroft had been given a beautifully-bred horse. Yes, it may seem a crazy idea when they have their own trainers. But think of the story in helping promote horse racing. A story that would hit the headlines. So many trainers prove they can train as well as anyone else. They can, and do, prove more resolve that many established trainers. A passion that keeps them going on cold, winter days. Where would racing be without such hope, dreams and love for every success. 

I remember seeing one small trainer overjoyed with a success but disappointed that the Racing Post didn't give no more than a passing mention. It must be crushing in ways. So when you see a small trainer win a race sing their praises. 

You never know who is listening!

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