Sunday 12 August 2018

It's Not Easy Being A Trainer

It isn't just racing tipsters who receive online abuse - but trainers, too. I noticed a few weeks ago Bryan Smart mentioned on his Facebook page that he had received negative comments when a favourite had been beaten. 

Well, the abuse has continued. 

Smart said:  ''To those people who think that it's ok to post negative/threatening comments as soon as one of my horses gets beat - usually when it has been favourite - please consider your actions carefully in future. I don't run my horses to get beat on purpose, they are there to run as well as they can but they are living, breathing animals, young athletes not machines and anything can happen during a race. No-one forces you to back our horses you make that decision yourself. Don't back my horses if you think that I am such a 'shit trainer' and my jockey is 'shit' too. Your other comments are disgusting and I may decide to copy and paste them on here so that the rest of the world can see how sick you are.

Armageddon is currently being examined by the racecourse vet at Mussleburgh. She is distressed and not herself. I will make sure that she is well enough to travel before she sets off for home and she will have further post race tests tomorrow. The police are in possession of the hate mail and threats that have already been sent to me and my family and will be able to trace you whoever you are. My advice to you would be to follow a different trainer so that you can waste more money backing horses that may not win. Funnily enough I didn't receive any hate mail or threats at all when my horses were all winning a few weeks ago!!''

Chin up, Bryan. The majority of people are normal.