Wednesday 23 January 2019

Why Did Sir Mark Prescott Stop Smoking Cigars?

Famous people who smoke cigars?

I don't suppose they come any more well known than Sir Winston Churchill. He started smoking cigars around 1895, in his early 20s. This was the time he garrisoned in Havana, Cuba. He was there to observe and write about the conflict for the Daily Graphic newspaper. 

As it happened, Sir Winston enjoyed a variety of cigars. He was said to smoke 10 cigars a day. Approximately 250,000 in a lifetime! 

However, he was fond of large maduro cigars. Strangely, he was observed never to smoke more than halfway down.  

So what about another Sir... 

Sir Mark Prescott. 

He is actually a Baronet, which he inherited from his father. Educated at Harrow. He gained his trainers licence in 1970. Heath House Stables, in Newmarket, is a hugely respected trainer. Major winners include: The Nunthorpe Stakes: Marsha (2017), Pivotal (1996). 

Prescott's interests include: Hare coursing, cock fighting and bull fighting. 

And cigars...

Personally, I don't know why he gave up smoking. I guess it was health issues. 


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