Saturday 11 August 2018

Neville Bycroft Could Have Trained Godolphin Winner!

One of the reasons why people love horse racing is that you get a mix of horse trainers, abilities and success. 

Very few trainers find themselves at the top of the tree without success. Even a wealth of money doesn't guarantee they will be flavour of the month - for long. 

I remember Olly Stevens made a positive impression when starting his training career in 2013. I followed a number of his two-year-olds who set a fair standard.  A few winning on debut, while one or two - if memory calls - raced at pattern class. 

I also remember, the stark realisation of being that unless he remained successful in the next couple of years the finance would vanish along with his dreams. Sadly, in 2015, the end came and the opportunity to achieve more was taken away. Money rules, as harsh as it seems. 

I must admit I have a love for the under dog. Smaller trainers hoping to find that wonder horse which hits the headline and they gain the chance to impress new owners. It can happen. 

Remember Pam Sly and her exceptional filly Specioas. To win the 1000 Guineas. Such a dream fulfilled. Speciosa strikes major blow for ''little people''

Julia Feilden must have felt the same when Spirit Of Sharjah won easily on debut at Newmarket before being placed in the Norfolk Stakes back in 2005. 

Sadly, those successes really didn't change the status of the stable's quality of horse or string. It must make these professional handlers wonder what they have to do to justify their talents. 

It is funny but I always had this ''crazy'' idea of a powerful owner such as Godolphin giving a million pound two-year-old to a small trainer. Just imagine back in the day if Neville Bycroft had been given a beautifully-bred horse. Yes, it may seem a crazy idea when they have their own trainers. But think of the story in helping promote horse racing. A story that would hit the headlines. So many trainers prove they can train as well as anyone else. They can, and do, prove more resolve that many established trainers. A passion that keeps them going on cold, winter days. Where would racing be without such hope, dreams and love for every success. 

I remember seeing one small trainer overjoyed with a success but disappointed that the Racing Post didn't give no more than a passing mention. It must be crushing in ways. So when you see a small trainer win a race sing their praises. 

You never know who is listening!

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