Friday 10 August 2018

Horse Racing Tipster X-Rated Abuse

Oh the joy of being a horse racing tipster. 

The saying: ''You're damned if you do and damned if you don't'' comes to mind. We run a lot of sports/gambling websites. Basically, all are free. That doesn't mean the standards are not high. In fact, many detailed information that you cannot be found elsewhere and I can tell you take hundreds of hours to update throughout the year. Imagine doing that for little credit and the odd tirade. 

Thankfully, most people who read the websites, follow the tips or favour the insight are decent, balanced, logical people. Yeah, I know they are a dying breed in a world that seems to be full of people who have little gratitude for anything much. To be honest, I don't ever worry about such people who make comments on my information. However, it is sad to read an abusive anonymous email. At least put your name to paper if you have a comment to make. 

I had one person tar me with the brush of trying to take money off people for racing tips when they were actually free! I actually, counted to ten and replied in a human form with reason and respect. The ''person'' did come round in the end but what possesses someone to rant and rave when they can't even get the facts right. It doesn't say much when the whole point of their argument is built upon sand. 

In truth, I should have come out with sentences full of f's and c's and questioned their sanity. I'm sure if they had forwarded a letter it would have been written in green ink

The other day one of our contributors received a foulmouthed outburst because the analysis sways this ''person'' to miss a winner! So much for your own judgment. If you have an opinion take f *****g responsibly for it and be a man. Another one from Mr Anonymous. Go and do Dear John...

The strange point is that our tipster gave two out of three winners that day. 

In many respects giving tips or information is a waste of time. You are far better off just pleasing yourself and following your own info and smile when you have a winning day. 

After working a few decades in my specialism of two-year-old horse racing I don't care what anyone thinks...especially if they imagine they know better. I've never met anyone who knows more than me about two-year-old racing. If the few talents want to come along I would love to chat. Why? Because you find that people with ability are actually logical, sensible and wise people who can put a sentence together. 

I laugh when I meet idiots because their vengeance to irritate long term will do them much more harm than it could ever do me. Keep talking...your last sentence is getting closer.