Friday 3 August 2018

Eric Winner Hits A Big Winner

Readers may have heard of Eric Winner Racing Tips. His popular website has been running for a number of years and he has often been the talk of gambling forums. Why? Well, unlike most tipsters he isn't a favourite backer. I personally find he is better at picking big priced winners than favourites. Strange but true. He has tipped a 100/1 winner. Numerous 33/1 shots. A bucket full of 25/1 winners. No wonder they call him Eric Winner. 

He is a great talent. Also, his tips are free. 

Yesterday, he gave a couple of tips. The first, Blackheath, disappointed in 8th. Not so good. However, two hours later, wham bam thank you, Mr Winner: Look Surprised won at 6/1. His analysis details second, third, four tips in the race. Guess what? He only gave the F/C paying £48.53 and Trifecta £291. 24. 

See the result here

You know, it's a great deal. Eric Winner used to charge £20 a month for his tips. Not anymore, he gives them for free. 

Like most tipsters they have their ups and downs. Eric does seem to have most success on the all-weather so take a look at his tips for a month and see if they are for you. He is as dedicated as they come.