Thursday 10 May 2018

Goodwood: BHA says Violence 'casts sport in poor light'

Fighting talk!

Some people confuse going horse racing with a boxing match. 

Four punters were seriously injured at Goodwood on Saturday when a max brawl broke out involving 50 people in ''multiple altercations''. 

The British Horse Racing Authority said: ''It casts the sport in a poor light''. It most certainly does. Drink-fueled absurdity on a grand scale. 

The BHA and Racecourse Association (RCA) are reviewing the situation while Sussex police are asking for witnesses as part of their investigation. 

All who were injured have been released from hospital. 

"Crowd control, security and alcohol policies are currently the responsibility of the racecourse and their representative body, the Racecourse Association," added the BHA.

"However, the BHA has a duty to take into account all relevant facts and matters when issuing licences. It is our intention to ensure that crowd control and behaviour are considered as part of this review." 

The BHA said it is writing to Goodwood for its assessment of the incident and "what steps they will take as a result." 

It will also contact the RCA "for their views on issues regarding racegoer behaviour more generally".

RCA chief executive Stephen Atkin added: "It is an unwelcome spotlight on the sport, but does not undermine customer feedback that racing is one of the safest sports to visit. 

"It is not a frequent problem, when you have a popular sport and attract large crowds, you do need to be aware of the risk of some unacceptable behaviour from time to time. 

"We will look at the events and whether things could have been done better." 

The RCA already work with racecourses to promote responsible drinking and measures have already been introduced to counter drug use.

Watch this video from Talk Sport as Alan Brazil and Jim White battle about the brawl.