Monday 27 May 2019

2YO Horse Racing Made Easy

It's funny how people struggle to find winners, especially within two-year-old horse racing. 

Are you one of many who look at a two-year-old horse race with a blank expression? You are not alone!

I have spent the last 30-years understanding this age group of thoroughbred horses. You hear racing pundits and race fans saying: ''How can you understand a race when none of the horses has any form?'' 

It may seem a difficult task. It doesn't have to be a mystery. I can help you understand why you are missing out if you move swiftly on.

Learning how two-year-old horse racing works, it isn't as difficult as it seems. In fact, it is worthy of your time. Take a closer look at this niche because you can take advantage of others weakness - they simply fail miserably due to a lack of knowledge. That's the beauty of two-year-old horse racing. A small amount of knowledge can give a huge advantage.

If you know the best horses in training - from trainers large and small - you have that elusive edge - it's a powerful edge. 

The best two-year-olds - by definition - will race against inferior opposition. 

Ever noticed an easy two-year-old winner - scorching clear of the field? 

Race comments say: ''Readily'' ''Comfortable'' ''Impressive'' ''Hard Held''. 

The crazy thing is that many of these winners are priced at big odds. 

Who wouldn't like to know the best horses in training before they set hoof on course?

Have you been irritated when after the race a trainer details that their ''flying machine'' has been ''catching pigeons on the gallops'' and they would have been surprised if it hadn't won today? 

Wouldn't you have liked to know that information five minutes before the race?

Of course, you would. 

But where do you find all this secret information? 

That's why you need to visit Group Horse website because it is the key which opens the door to exceptional winners. We're talking horse that gets an owner, trainer, jockey excited and hit the headlines on a daily basis. 

They can get you excited, too. 

If you follow Group Horse or read the latest updates on Group Horse Daily I guarantee you will be impressed. You will view two-year-old (2yo) horse racing in a different light. It's like wearing a pair of those futuristic glasses which sees everyone naked. Except for this time you see the best horses in training. Those rose-tinted glasses help you see the difference between the winners and losers. 

Don't believe me?  

Take a look at Group horse and you will be a convert when the first horse wins in the fashion of a good horse. 

Thanks for your support.