Monday 12 August 2019

Why You Shouldn't Bet for Fun

Betting, gambling, a punt. 

Life is most definitely a gamble. And, to be fair, understanding that point can probably make you a wiser person. The best lessons learned are from others mistakes because they can be less costly to ourselves. 

''You remember that old bloke at the top of the road? Well, he jumped off the top of the carpark in town because he lost all his money gambling.'' 

His wife jumped the next week, followed by his five children and a pet cat named Lucky. 

It's no joking matter. 

It is a worry about the amount of advertising on TV for gambling. I think these companies, which don't lack for cash, are sailing pretty close to the wind. In the sense that, one day, gambling may be banned from the box in the corner of the room because it is destructive. I do think most people who gamble do so in a very naive fashion. The adverts portray it's all about fun and community. You win a prize every day. You win, but in the process lose a fortune if you don't restrict your betting. 

I'm not sure whether men or women are more naive when it comes to betting. I'm talking about the consequences of betting rather than a knowledge of a Trifecta. I guess, being a sexist comment, perhaps, women like playing bingo while men bet on football, the nags or greyhound (too many to choose). Yes, I know there are plenty of women who know more about betting than men. We are talking about general statistics. 

Betting is not a subject to make fun of. ''Oh, let's have a game of card, stud poker, and bet all the cash and then cry when you are bankrupt and the bailiffs are knocking at the door. 

You don't hear too many stories about the people losing every cent (even in the USA) but it happens, probably more than we realise. 

Do not bet for fun.