Wednesday 19 December 2018

What Makes A Successful Horse Trainer From A Betting Perspective?

There are lots of horse trainers. 

Several hundred. From the smallest one man (or lady) bands. To vast strings with hundreds of horses with high-profile owners. 

It's interesting how trainers vary in ability. Some big stables aren't very good and they usually fall by the way. Perhaps the talents of smaller trainers can be hidden. It doesn't take much ability to train a high-class horse to win a race. At least, less time and effort than a poor horse which is only going to win if placed with diligence. It must be so frustrating for talents trainers who aren't given the opportunity to show their worth. Waiting, hoping, dreaming of the day a good horse comes along to show they are as capable as the best. Just give me a chance?

The most brilliant aspect of training is that there will always be a memory of the best horse in their yard. It may be a 60-rated handicapper but he or she was the best. 

Personally, I love to see a small trainer ruffle the feathers of big stables. To defy the odds and win when those odds looked unlikely, remote or forlorn. How sweet to watch your pride and joy cross the line first. 

You know the best way to find a big priced winner?

Understand what makes a small stable tick. Do they have two-year-olds in their stable? If so, take a look to see their general standard. And then assess what identifies a better horse. 

How do we identify a better horse?

Note significant entries. These can be found by visiting the Racing Post Big Race Entries.